The Language Tune-Up Kit for Schools

Helping your learning-challenged students learn to read is always difficult. If dyslexia or remediation is part of the problem you have a significant hurdle to overcome.

Typically, students have different reading levels and your ability to teach in a one-on-many environment is almost impossible. The question for teachers and administrators is “how can one teacher teach multiple students at the same time?”

The Language Tune-Up Kit will do it for you! Our built-in reading assessment automatically places each student at the appropriate starting lesson based on their current reading level. The speed with which materials are presented can be adjusted to match individual student needs!

LTK can accommodate any number of Students: for smaller groups choose from a stand-alone version; for larger groups and multiple classes choose the Networked version. All our versions do not have any student limits and will run on Windows and MAC OSX computers and laptops.

This schools dyslexia software has been tested by schools for over 20 years. Thousands of students have been helped because the program is entirely based on the Orton-Gillingham method. This means that you will receive the very best assistance possible.