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Our program has helped over 600 schools and 60,000 students. It has been developed continuously over 25 years and is available for MAC, Win and online.

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87 Lessons

The Course is based on the Orton Gillingham methods which have been proven and being taught and used by thousands of students around the world. it uses prerecorded human voice to instruct the students.

Break 1 (Lessons 1 -22)

Begins with the sounds and symbols of the alphabet.

The introduction to reading combines short vowels into three-letter, three-sound words and progresses to five-letter, five-sound words containing initial and final blends. BREAK 1 contains approximately 800 words.

BREAK 3 (lessons 42-58)

BREAK 3 advances to two-, then three- syllable words, syllable division, and three-letter final blends.

The stories and sentences increase in length and complexity. An additional 650 words are an ad.

BREAK 5 (lessons 76-87)

BREAK 5 completes the reading program with more advanced concepts in suffixes, digraphs, and additional silent letters and numbers.

An additional 620 words bring the total vocabulary of the Language Tune-Up Kit to more than 4400 words, presented in a strict sequence that relies on sound combinations and skills previously mastered by the student.

BREAK 2 (lessons 23-41)

Break 2 covers long vowel sounds, many digraphs, long vowel teams, and three-letter blends.

BREAK 2 contains approximately 890 words.

BREAK 4 (lessons 59-75)

BREAK 4 presents further language decoding tools: the “R” controlled sounds, the silent “E,” and additional vowel teams.

This set of lessons contains 740 words.

15 languages and counting

From Arabic to Turkish, the new LTK for ESL course helps children to adults with 50+ activities and games, interactive card deck, clear instructions for word decoding rules, control over the speed of delivery and enhanced remote tutoring options. And now all our products run on MAC-OSX computers and laptops. Also included with all versions is an online subscription to Vocabulary building apps to help with GED Diploma, Secondary School or Workplace Literacy. (iOS, Android, Chromebooks)

What People Are Saying

“I love this program! I am originally from Italy and I have never learned to read–until I purchased your program. I have completed all 87 lessons and now I am going to get my high school diploma! My wife would ask me why I spend all this time on the computer. I told her it’s because I want to learn to read. And now I have! The woman’s voice on the software is great and I really enjoy working with her on the LTK program. Bless her and bless you JWor for making such a wonderful program. It’s so wonderful and I can’t tell you enough about how much I appreciate the experience I’ve had with it!! I want my grandson to use it because he is also having problems and I know he will benefit just as I have.”

From a 77-year-old man

“Thank you for developing such a great product–it is really helping my 7-year-old son and we plan to see the course through to completion by this summer, if possible–if not, by the end of the summer. It sounds crazy, but this product has not only helped my son, but it has helped me tremendously–I feel like I can relax just a little bit knowing that faithful use of your product will give him the grounding in phonics he has been struggling to gain.”

From a Chicago Mothe

Our daughter has dyslexia. She’s 10 years old. We’ve been using the “Language Tune-Up Kit”. It’s worked absolute wonders for her. She has improved so much! Her reading, spelling, and writing are on a whole new level….increased by 2-3 grade levels. I felt lost when I first started to research solutions that were both affordable and offered her some real help with her reading/writing/spelling challenges. We’ve been using it for about 5 months or so. It takes her about 45 min to 1 hr per day to complete a lesson.

From a Homeschooling Mother

Thank you so much Orton-Gillingham method and especially thank you Language Tune-Up Kit! Our son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDD-NOS) and was reading at grade level at the end of Kindergarten. In March of the 1st grade, he was reading at the same level. We did everything we could think of to do at home with no improvement. The school had changed him to the Edmark sight words program thinking that memorizing the words would be more effective for him than sounding them out.Thank goodness I went to a conference put on by Pete Wright, the founder of Wrightslaw. Pete has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia and told us how hard it was for him to learn when he was growing up.

From a Mother in New York City

How the Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK) Works

Dyslexia Software Based on Orthon-Gillingham Method

Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK)

LTK For Adults, Youth, and ESL on Flash Drive (Mac/Win)


This version of LTK is perfect as a remediation solution for Adults, Young adults (Youth), and Spanish speakers and other non-native speakers of English (ESL).

LTK Products for Home


LTK Products for Home contains 87 lessons and will take your child from grade 0 to 5th-grade reading level.

LTK For School

LTK For Schools contains 87 lessons and will take your student from grade 0 to a grade 8.5 reading level. The program supports an unlimited number of students at a time.

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